Monday, October 29, 2007

Deeper CSRF Protection

It's almost impossible to truly protect against stored CSRF found on a secondary/malicious website, not to mention browser Trojans that we see in the banking industry on a regular basis. It's non trivial to protect against these problems, but here is one potential solution to deeply secure this frightful attack vector:

a) Implement form keys defense on all forms where both the key name and value is a strong random session id. (Current standard defense)
b) At time of login, inject another per-link session ID to all URL's of that page. No request can even request a copy of a form without the correct url-level session id.
c) If some code is trying to request a page/form with the wrong session id, explain to the user of the attack and log them off their session immediately.
d) Any time a new page is returned to the user, create new per-link session ids for all additional links on page.

This defense strategy would still work in a multi-tabbed enviornment. The key differentiator is that a potential attack from malicious CSRF would be detected and drop the users session immediately since there is an obvious compromise or poor surfing habits.

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