Monday, January 26, 2009

OWASP Podcast #5 - Interview with Gary McGraw

I just finished updating the OWASP Podcast series RSS/iTunes feed to include OWASP Podcast #5 - an interview with Gary McGraw! You can read the show notes here, download the mp3 file directly here, or subscribe to the OWASP Podcast series RSS Feed here. If you use the iTunes podcast management feature, you can subscribe to the OWASP Podcast series via iTunes here.

The podcast starts with a 30 second introduction from the song "To You Right Now" off the album 100 Feet Above the Ground. Gary performed the mandolin, fiddle, sang backup vocals and produced this album.

Gary did not shy away from any difficult questions in this interview. In fact, he encouraged them. I was very impressed with Gary's courage to dive into controversy - as well as cause it.

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