Friday, February 13, 2009

OWASP Podcast #7 Interview with Jeff Williams

We just pushed OWASP Podcast #7 - an interview with Jeff Williams - live!.

We discussed Jeff's involvement in OWASP, builders vs breakers, his work on the XSS prevention cheatsheat and of course - ESAPI. Jeff also directly responded to several of Gary McGraw's comments from OWASP Podcast #5 - and did not hold back any punches. This one is sure to please.

To listen to OWASP Podcast #7 you can, download the mp3 file directly, subscribe to the RSS feed, subscribe directly to iTunes, or listen right now!

Long live the king!

Shout out to my co-producer, Kevin Coons from ManaTribe. Keep up the good work, Kevin - we are just getting started!

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