Wednesday, May 20, 2009

OWASP Podcast #21 - Richard Stallman

OWASP Podcast #21, an interview with Richard Stallman, is now live!

Richard is the founder of the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation. Created the GNU Compiler and Debugger. Emacs, too. He is one of the original (MIT Style) hackers. He also created a few licenses, like the GPL. He is the original Software Freedom Fighter. (Just don't ask him what his Skype address is, ouch my bad)

To listen to OWASP Podcast #
21, you can download the OGG file directly or subscribe to the RSS feed. This podcast is only being released in OGG format only to honor Richards request.

I'm very grateful to
Shpongle and Twisted Records for allowing the OWASP Podcast Series FREE use of their music for the show!


ekse said...

excellent show as usual. I think this is a great introduction to the free software movement (one of the best I heard actually) for thosefrom the OWASP community who are not familiar with it.

Keep the podcasts coming!


Jim Manico said...

Thanks!! Interviewing Richard was an experience - in an of itself - that I am grateful for. He is the REAL deal. He never gives up when it comes to the message of Free Software. Never. He is, the quintessential, the original Free Software philosopher and more. :)