Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If I were cyberczar

(Read to the tune of "Rage Against the Machine : Killing in the Name")

1) I would defeat SQL Injection. This would be a multi-phased plan focusing on programmer tools and programmer training. The main use of any Federal funding I could secure would be to build the worlds best open source SQL Escaping library so legacy code could be retrofitted.

2) I would lobby the Fed's to create a new branch of the military. ARMY - NAVY - AIRFORCE - CYBERFORCE - MARINES. The problem is that big, and we are losing the game.

3) I would take copious notes from day 1. This is a thankless job with heaps of responsibility and absolutely no power. Might as well get a good book deal out of the experience.


Chris Schmidt said...

I would totally enlist in CyberForce.. :D Would there be officer's training? Nice post man! I hope my long lost relative (note same last name - *g*) takes a few steps forward and sets a few things in motion.

Jim Manico said...

CyberGeneral Schmidt? :)

Well, the new Cyberforce will have a one push-up physical requirement. And we will be the only military branch with 5X sized T-shirts in our inventory. :)

Officers training would be on the Steam platform. :)